Elope to Chicago for less but make it so much more.


How does CIL compare to other wedding photographers that you looked at?

"In comparison to other photographers we looked at, CIL was the friendliest, most contemporary, and certainly offered a unique style of services, especially for elopements!

As a person who loves photography and has some experience, I was certainly looking for a photographer who's gave the initial "wow" reaction! The samples on the website certainly caught my eye with the variety of styles CIL provided."



What were some of the deciding factors for choosing CIL?

"Deciding factors included that CIL was willing to hear us out in regards to what we were looking for, willing to work with us for planning purposes, and were flexible/patient with our decision making. At no point did we feel pressured or rush to make a decision!"




How important was it to have pics and video to share on social media, email, etc with friends and family?

I would say that it was more about being able to share with family/friends via email. Both of us are not on Facebook and my Instagram account is limited in terms of what I share with my followers, which mostly happen to be people who have known me for a long time. I guess the whole social media piece is/was not that important for us as we think we are more private or not as eager to share our lives on social media. However, our very close friends and family are important to us. We both have very small families and Phil's is over seas, so being able to share our day with them was very important. His parents truly appreciated the pictures and little video! :)



Do you feel that the video helped to encapsulate and deliver the day/experience to share with F&F?

"The video absolutely helped deliver our day! Although our wedding was small and intimate, our friends & family who we share links with were so impressed and loved that they were able to get a great glimpse of what our day was like. Everyone loved it and were very happy we shared it with them! Even for us it was very neat to see it and have a perspective what it looked like for the people who were with us."




Were you happy with your experience with the CIL team?

"Absolutely happy! Both of us! We will certainly recommend CIL & I would not think twice about asking CIL to capture another special event/day!"



What do you think could have been improved?

"Hmmm.. I am not really sure! I know the whole agreement piece was a technical issue, so I really cannot say what would be necessary to improve. Personally, we both were very pleased with all the arrangements!"



What would have made the experience better?

"This is another good question, but again, we got a lot more out of the experience than we anticipated! I think we both were't sure what to expect, and it all worked out perfectly!"



Why did you choose Chicago? Were you looking at other cities?

"We did look at other cities/states just for the idea of doing something different and fun, but settled on Chicago. Even though we met in Germany, I am from Chicago & we have some great memories in Chicago.... for us Chicago is where we have the most memories, so figured we might as well make it official here too! Besides, as people who have seen other cities, we both agree that Chicago is wonderful city with a lot to offer!"