Rebel & Alex: Chicago Elopements Gone Wild

Ok, so “elopement gone wild” might be a bit of hyperbole for the following video... but what else would you call two grown women running in stilettos behind a couple’s horse and buggy?


Yes, it’s true — my stylish partner Alex and I darted after these darling newlyweds from Chicago Avenue to West Walton Street. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do — impending blisters and all — to get that perfect shot. (Even when your buggy driver thinks it’s hilarious to watch you struggle. Each time you nearly have the shot, he drives a little faster.)




So, why did we do it? Well, you see, dear reader… my accomplice Alex and I are the adventure seeking photographer/videographer duo behind Charming in Love. You wanna elope at 23 years old (young love!) and ride off into the sunset on a horse and buggy after a trip to the courthouse? We’re all in ... and might even encourage a bit of mischief along the way.




Co-hosting elopements alongside our new food and beverage pals, we learned quickly... they know how to throw a party. Our elopements are all-but-guaranteed to start with a celebratory cocktail and end with getting the boot from the Chicago Athletic Association… only to have them use our photography for marketing purposes. Oops, did we say that? 

Honestly, we live for those adventures. Who doesn’t like dodging across town taking rad shots of couples truly in their element? It’s why we do what we do.




But, back to our horse and buggy clients… next stop? Endorsing whatever flies your love flag, we happily agreed to lead the way straight to The Bean (where he popped the question months prior). Apparently wedding culture is different in France, because our sweet couple was straight-up mobbed by French tourists who insisted to take pictures with them.

Who wouldn’t love to feel like a celebrity on their wedding day?? (Maybe people who choose to elope… eh, c'est la vie!)




But that’s the beauty of living in the moment - especially on your wedding day. Charming In Love is wholeheartedly behind each couple who chooses to toss their Pinterest boards and antiquated wedding guide books. They know that their wedding day should represent their own brand of love and reflect the kind of life they hope to lead with their future spouse!




So are you a by-the-rules, subject to arbitrary trends and living your life according to other people’s expectations kind of couple? Or, are you partners in crime who choose to live a life of romance and adventure… getting kicked out of the Chicago Athletic Club, and all?

If you choose the latter, Rebel and Alex will be right behind ya — running in our stilettos.



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