It's All in The Details, But Not The Pinterest Ones

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Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is great.

If I want exercise routines to get arms like Michelle Obama, or if I wanna make a cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin, I know where to go - not necessarily in that order, but maybe.

But, for a wedding? I’ll pass.

Before I offend every Pinterest-loving bride on the face of the planet, hear me out: I’d rather spend my time and resources building memories - not assembling DIY burlap napkin rings. (Can we officially say burlap and lace are out? No?? Maybe next year…)

So, instead of spending hours “pinning” photos to that secret wedding board you started in college (hey, no judgment - remember the pumpkin cheese ball), refer to my save / splurge model:

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S A V E :

  • Flowers

    • I used to recommend silk flowers to everyone, but now I say either splurge on NICE silk flowers (makes a huge difference), or go with simple, yet elegant greenery.

  • Dress

    • You don’t need to spend thousands on a dress to look good - trust me. Stick with an outfit that flatters your body and your unique style. You’ll want to feel both beautiful and comfortable on your big day. (It shows in your pictures.)

  • Photography

    • I know - this is a blog for elopement photography... but it’s true. Don’t spend a fortune on hours worth of boring, posed photos that will collect dust in a drawer somewhere. Hire a photographer/videographer duo by the hour to make your time (and money) count. ;)

  • Checklists

    • I’m all about the anti-checklist. Just grab your partner and do it already!

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S P L U R G E :

  • Hair + makeup

    • Basically, you want to look back at your photos and think “dang, I looked good.” I recommend spending a little extra for a professional stylist and make sure you’re vocal about what you want. Bring photos and don’t overdo it - you still want to look like yourself.

  • Hotel room

    • Get a room! ...for getting ready photos. Some of the best candid moments can be captured inside a cool hotel room with great lighting. Plus, this serves as both a homebase and a post-ceremony staycation of sorts.

  • Nostalgia

    • While I’m clearly not a fan of kitschy Pinterest decor, I do think there’s room for meaningful, nostalgic details. Want to honor your grandparents? Save money on wedding bands and exchange theirs. Do you share a love of live music? Splurge on a band. Did you meet at a bar? Head there for after-party pics (then get ready to sprint if they kick the camera crew out.)

  • Make sure your loved ones feel included

    • Here’s another time splurge. If you wanna start your married life off on the right foot (and your loved ones are feeling left out), you don't want to miss our next post.

Here’s my big takeaway: if you’re opting for an “untraditional” wedding, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, pick out a few details that really matter to you, then LET GO of the rest. No, seriously, let them go...

No one cares about wedding favors, anyway. And if they say they do, they’re lying.


Rebel Rose