How to plan a destination wedding without your passport : Elope to Chicago

When Kelly and Tyler decided to elope their planning started and stopped in Chicago. A city destination elopement truly was a fit.



Why did you choose Chicago? Were you looking at other cities?

(Kelly) "Chicago has always had a special place in our hearts. I used to live downtown and Tyler and I would visit about once a year since we were dating. We also got engaged right below The Bean. We knew right away that we wanted to get married in Chicago; we didn't even consider anywhere else."



The date was secured, a dress chosen, we were lucky enough to be the next call on Kelly's short to do list.  



What were some of the deciding factors for choosing Charming In Love?

"I had found CIL through Laura's blog about her elopement in Chicago. To have someone who not only specializes in elopements but to have gone through it herself made the whole experience comfortable and less stressful. CIL's artistic style was also exactly what we were looking for in our photos/video."



Laura's memory of the day....

"Tyler’s admiring gaze went instantly misty at the first look at his soon to be misses. He held her tight, high above Wacker Drive at The Wyndham Grand Hotel. No time was wasted calling a black uber to whisk them over to the Chicago courthouse.  While waiting to be called into the judge’s quarters, Sasha and I guided the couple through next steps to ease their jitters.



Ten minutes later, they were husband and wife.  Just the two of them.  A magical moment surrounded by supportive, happy faces that they didn’t know but felt close to all the same.  A moment that we never get tired of."


Laura and Sasha lead the couple to Cindy’s Rooftop for a celebratory drink and were greeted with well wishes, high fives, handshakes and the occasional hug.  



1) How does CIL compare to other wedding photographers that you looked at?

"There was really no comparison. We only looked at one other photographer and new right away that CIL was the right fit for us. Tyler and I loved how Laura and Sasha would capture moments rather than poses. Because it was just the two of us, it was really important for us to have those special moments captured for our family to be able to see."



Check out Kelly + Tyler’s day here... 



3) Were you happy with your experience with the CIL team?

"To say we were happy would be an understatement. Tyler and I could not have asked for a better team to capture our elopement. We were thrilled."



Kelly and Tyler’s love for Chicago and sharing their special day with an exciting city continued...


7) Did you stay in Chicago a few days after you got married and why?

"We knew that once we got to Chicago that we were not going to want to leave. We stayed for a few days later in the city as our "mini-honeymoon." It gave us a chance to extend our fairy tale even longer."



5) What would have made the experience better?

"Our wedding day and the experience with CIL was perfect. We couldn't ask for anything better."