How to ignore nerves during a photo shoot.


I had an interesting conversation with a bride over the weekend. I asked her what she and her fiancee found so funny during their shoot. Their natural emotion and laughter was contagious and I wanted to know the source.

(Mind you, 5 minutes prior to this shoot the future groom bravely told us he felt a little uncomfortable with the thought of engagement photos.) Nerves happen to everyone in the most inconvenient moments, especially when you think you're prepared.



During our photo session the bride wanted to distract her guy from over thinking the photo shoot by saying things to her fiancee like, "I love it when you pay the bills."

Guys have a goofy sense of humor! This random comment took the couple into fits of laughter that made for the most authentic photos.  



Our stylist, Sasha, uses similar tactics. She tells our brides to engage your significant other in stories or general chatter to take their minds off being photographed. We've also caught her singing for a laugh before.

Sasha has been photographed the major part of her life (she's also a professional dancer and model) so stay tuned for more wise tips on how to feel like yourself during a photo shoot.

xo - Laura