Engagement / STYLE GUIDE 1.1 / Ruby, Jade + Rose Gold

Just finished a fresh winter palette and style board for one of our engagement shoots, and it reminded me of a few thoughts to share.

You could spend everyday (literally 365!) in the Garfield Park Conservatory just 10 minutes west of Chicago's loop and friends, the parking is FREE! Public transportation makes it a fast ride west on the Green Line dropping you on the garden's doorstep.

One of the conservatory's most popular rooms is the Desert House (pictured). There is no cost to visit the domed gardens, but be sweet and bring them a few of your latte coins. A few things you will want to know before whipping out your lens and photographing in the greenhouse but more on that here.

Plan ahead! You will need a few weeks notice to get a release plus a small payment to take pro photos here. Guests are always welcome to take photos for their own use... (ask me sometime how I found this out. Hah ha ha!)

Love this dress? It's a vintage piece from Retrofit Culture inspired by the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. I wanted just a small pop of jewel tones and ruby was just it - especially adding it in a lip color.

Back to work for me now.  17 more style guides to create before my next popcorn break. Cheers! - Laura