Dose Trousseau / Meet Wedding Vendors + Get Dosed 2/14/16

who: the loveliest of the lovely in a fantastic lineup of 100+ Dosers
what: Dose Trousseau + the Love Dose, the 50th Dose Market
when: Sunday, February 14th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
where: 401 N. Morgan, Chicago, IL 60642
why: the best for those about to get hitched!
cta: Morgan Street
parking: street and Luxe valet (download the app and use code LOVEDOSE for a $15 credit!)
kids: kids under 12 always free
pups: sorry, no pups allowed at Dose
TICKETS: $10, online only! Your Dose Trousseau ticket gives you access to the Love Dose, too!

Why Dose?

Dose brings together all the best makers, bakers, chefs, designers and artists in one spot so you can shop like a boss. We do all the sourcing, sorting and heavy lifting so you get what you need, when you need it. Be smart, get Dosed!



Here is what Dose had to say about CIL... (Thank you, Kelly Connolly!)

"Charming in Love is the elegant solution for the couple that wants to elope. The Charming team will help you put together your elopement whether than means helping to source a stunning bouquet or scouting beautiful spots for your photos. Owner Laura Rose Davis is a photographer and stylist and you can see both her strengths in her photos. She uses her expertise to help you choose the elements to express the meaning of your relationship so you can celebrate your nuptials in your own fashion and have the lovely photos to keep and share."

P.S. we are giving away a free elopement package and couples styled photo shoot on Sunday at Dose. Share your story and hopefully get lucky too! See you there! xoxo- Laura